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Neighbors Testify As The Sentencing Phase Of Raul Rodriquez Continues

Testimony continues today in the sentencing phase of Raul Rodriquez. Wednesday a jury convicted Rodriquez of killing his neighbor back in 2010. Rodriquez claimed self defense and using the Castle Doctrine.


Sherry Morris was a neighbor of Rodriquez for several years. She told the jury how her children would play music on the weekends and Rodriquez would call the police.

She says he called authorities more than 200 times.

Next, another neighbor Jenny Johnson told the jury how Rodriquez would walk his kids to the bus stop with his gun on his waist. Although it frightened her two girls, she says she was told by police that there was nothing they could do since he had a permit.

Outside the courtroom another neighbor Margo, who only gave her first name, said Rodriguez terrified the entire neighborhood and wasn’t afraid to use his gun.

“He was bad as he was portrayed. He killed all my babies, my kitties.”

“He shot one of our dogs, right in front of my husband.”

Mindy Danaher, wife of Kelly who was shot and killed by Rodriquez that night in 2010, was asked what type of sentence she thinks he deserves.

“Someone like that will probably just go crazy that they have to be told what to do, told what to eat, told when to bath. Can’t do this, can’t do that. I think that he’s mentally probably just going to go crazy. That’s what it sounds like to me. I think he’s already being punished.”

Rodriquez faces life in prison. Because of this case, some are calling for Texas’ “Stand Your Ground” to be tweaked or clarified.