METRO Passes Federal Audit On All Counts

Metro has passed an extensive review by the Federal Transit Administration which examined 24 performance categories, from bus maintenance to lobbying.

President and CEO George Greanias says the FTA even complimented Metro on using good protocols for purchasing:

“And that was especially heartening, because as you’ll recall that when the new board members came in about two years ago, when I joined up about two years ago, there were some very serious questions regarding procurement of rail cars for the Metro Rail Expansion Project. So the fact that the FTA singled out procurement as a very good area was very pleasing to us.” 

The previous Metro president tried to buy light-rail cars from a Spanish firm, but the FTA found this violated procurement rules favoring American firms. Metro had to cancel the contract and lost $28 million.

Greanias says Metro has since overhauled its purchasing process, and the FTA now recognizes that.


Florian Martin

Florian Martin

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