Child May Have Been Targeted In Revenge Plot Over Ended Affair

Officials from the Fort Bend County Sheriff's office say the woman who kidnapped a 9-year-old boy Monday was seeking revenge over a failed affair with the boy's father

Thirty-four year-old Kismat Momin was arraigned this morning. She’s charged with taking Amsal Dhuka after he arrived home from school.

This is Chief Duputy Craig Brady:

“On the 6th of May, the day prior to the kidnapping, the suspect informed her husband that she did intend to take possession of Amsal as an act of revenge against Amsal’s father due to the prior relationship and sexual advances made towards her.”

The boy was dropped-off at a religious center unharmed early Tuesday morning. Momin is still in jail, with bond set at $125,000. Both the boy and the suspect lived in the same apartment complex.