MFAH Goes Digital With Google

Houston's Museum of Fine Arts is part of a massive art project run by Google. A number of pieces from the Museum's permanent collection are now available to view online.

The Google Art Project quietly started a year ago with just a handful of museums participating.

But now 151 galleries and museums are part of the online collaboration.

Dana Mattice with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston says Google reps approached museum leaders about including a number of its works in the Art Project.

“The inclusion of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston I think was an obvious fit since we’re one of the top ten largest museums in the United States. And it’s a great way for people around the world to visit over a hundred museums and see paintings and sculptures in incredible detail.”

The website allows users to search by Artist, Artwork or Museum and will cross-reference works as well. So if you’re looking at a Rembrandt from Houston, you can see Rembrandts from other collections.

“It’s really just making the collection as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. And seeing these works online doesn’t replace the experience of seeing them in person. We hope that it will encourage people to come see the works of art here at the museum in person.”

The MFAH chose to showcase 183 works out of its 64,000 piece collection. You can view the works by going to or view below.



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