According To Survey, Houstonians Top The Good Samaritan List

Tomorrow is National Good Samaritan Day. Here in Texas, a new survey ranks Houston fourth in the nation when it comes to Good Samaritan phone calls for help.

According to OnStar — the company that provides communication and vehicle tracking for General Motors — last year Houstonians made more in-vehicle emergency calls for other people than every city except for LA, Chicago and New York.

Catherine McCormick is the public policy manager for OnStar.

“Maybe it’s a crime that just occurred, maybe they spotted a wildfire, so then they’re calling in to report something for the betterment of society.”

The OnStar survey doesn’t give you the complete picture, because not all vehicles have OnStar equipment and these days many people who report a crime are likely to use their cell phone. Still the numbers show Houstonians made more than 1,600 Good Samaritan calls with OnStar last year.

Residents of Miami made on the other made just 482.

“We really encourage our customers to be Good Samaritans and we have come to find out that often times they’re assisting others more than they’re using the system themselves. And we’ve seen all sorts of really great acts of heroism, whether it be pulling over to help somebody who is in cardiac arrest and actually doing CPR to witnessing a vehicle plunge over a cliff in Colorado.”

Andy Kahan is a victims advocate in Houston. He’s not surprised at all by Houston’s high ranking.

“We have the number one Crime Stoppers program in the country here. We have more victim’s organizations that assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault homicide and any other aggregate offenders, you know the word is out to the public that you’re the eyes and the ears of law enforcement and anything you can do to assist us to get criminals off the street certainly will make the street safer.”

Los Angeles beat out all other cities amassing a total of 3,111 calls. That’s almost double Houston’s numbers.

That could mean the folks in LA are that much better when it comes to helping out their fellow man, but it could also mean the city has many more problems to report in the first place.