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Grace Period Ending For Outstanding Warrants

The clock is ticking on outstanding warrants here in the Houston area as local law enforcement agencies gear-up for the "Great Texas Warrant Round-Up" starting tomorrow.



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A couple of weeks ago, authorities warned that they’d be hitting the streets to make arrests starting tomorrow. A grace period for people to take care of outstanding warrants ends tonight. Gwendoyln Goins is with the City of Houston Municipal Courts system and says there’s still time.

“If you’re one of those people that you forgot your court date and you had to work, or whatever the reason was that you didn’t make it to to court and you haven’t gotten arrested yet, you need to pick up the phone and call 311 and see what state your warrant is in and even better, if you can find one of our six locations area-wide to come and actually speak with a judge and see if you can get that warrant removed and get your court case reset so you can get it taken care of.”

Goins says there are 300,000 outstanding warrants within the city of Houston.

“They are municipal warrants for class C misdemeanors, which would include traffic violations, ordinance violations such as the noise ordinance and curfew violations, things of that nature for which people have not come to court or made any type of restitution for those cases. However, for other jurisdictions, the sheriff’s department is also conducting a warrant sweep for felony crimes as well.”

Goins says people who go to court today and tonight will not be arrested if they’re trying to take care of their warrants.