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Texas Suspends License Of Michael Jackson’s Doctor

The Texas Medical Board has suspended the license of Dr. Conrad Murray, the private doctor of Michael Jackson. The suspension comes more than three months after Murray's conviction for involuntary manslaughter in the singer's overdose death.

There are more than 63,000 physicians licensed to practice in Texas.

Actual license suspensions are rare — usually hovering between one and two dozen a year.

On Friday, the Texas Medical Board quietly suspended Dr. Murray’s license.

He was convicted Nov. 7 in California and sentenced to four years for involuntary manslaughter.

Leigh Hopper is with the Texas Medical Board.

“Once Conrad Murray was convicted, then we were in communication with his lawyer and really just the most expeditious and cost-efficient way to do things was to offer Dr. Murray this agreed order of surrender, which he agreed to.”

Hopper says that suspending the license was easier than the going through the more complicated process of revoking Murray’s license entirely.

It also saves the taxpayers money.

In any case, Murray’s license is set to expire in August.

“The mission is really to protect the public. It’s not like criminal law where you’re punishing people and meting out justice necessarily. The sole purpose is to protect patients and so, since he’s incarcerated he hasn’t been any threat to Texans.”

California has already suspended Murray’s medical license in that state, and Nevada has restricted his license.


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