Astros Makes Fan Concessions To Fill Seats This Season

After meeting with season ticket holders, the Astros are making some changes that they hope will fill seats at Minute Maid Park this season.

The new Astros owner and chairman Jim Crane says longtime Astros fans were candid about their concerns, and he’s anxious to show that the team’s management has been listening.

“Some of the things that we heard — that they can’t bring food and water into the ball park. We’re gonna put that in place. We are going to give a five percent reduction on our major season ticket holders. And in the lower purchase price of the tickets, we’re going to reduce those from $7 to $5.” 

So, you’ll be able to bring in food and water, season ticket prices will be reduced five percent and there’ll be a $5 ticket section, with $1 tickets for kids. Crane says 2012 is a transition for the Astros, who will be in the American League after this year.

“We’ve given up some revenue here, and we’re concerned with that because that can be used back in the players. But we felt. you know. with the new ownership, the way the team performed in the last couple of years that we needed to step forward, try to get the interest back in the fans. I think you’ll see, you know, with our move on the general manager’s side, that we’re making some positive moves. We’re continuing to make those, and you know, to put a better product on the field. And we want to get people in the ballpark to experience that.”

Oh, and the $5 beer will be available throughout the stadium.