Improvements Being Made In Blighted Area Of Houston

If there was such a thing, an area of Northwest Houston near De Soto Street could get the award for most improved.

The area known as the Antoine Corridor was so bad just a year ago that two vacant apartments had to be bulldozed because they were havens for crime and prostitution.

Now, leaders of the area are talking about doing things that would make it looks as nice as any other parts of town.

Melaney Fahey works in community affairs for the Near Northwest Management District which is spearheading the revitalization effort.

“We have just completed a Livable Center study in partnership with the Houston Galveston Area Council ,and the recommendations from that study are a way for the area to transform the Antoine Corridor into a destination that people  all over Houston would want to come to.”

They have plenty of ideas and recommendations on how to beautify the area — things such as adding lights to bridges, like you see in the Woodlands. They also want to make better use of existing waterways. Constructing a park at White Oak Bayou and even making a man-made waterway that would connect to the bayou.

“So that the water becomes an ornamental feature in the community and yet leads people back to the bayou, that we would like to turn into a really long park.”

Monday morning, they’ll plant ten trees at the White Oak Conference Center in honor Arbor Day. Other changes being talked about include improvement of area bus stops and perhaps building a new transit center and converting an old rail line into a Metro light rail. All of this is contingent on acquiring the right funding which is why Fahey says none of the changes should be expected anytime soon.