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Texans Fever Spreading

There's a virus going around Houston that appears to be quite contagious — "Texans fever." One of the symptoms is the urge to go out and by t-shirts and hats that say "Playoffs" or "Division Champions."



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Texans fever is spreading throughout the city and there’s no sign of it being contained anytime soon. At least not until this weekend when the team plays Baltimore in its second ever playoff game.

Rita Ortiz caught “Texans fever” even before they made the playoffs.

“I’m a true 100 percent fan Texans fan.”

Bill: “So where are you going to be on Sunday?”

 “At home watching it. We’re going to have a barbeque and we’re going to have a couple of people over. To watch it , yeah.”

“What’s your prediction?”

” 17-14, Texans win.”

Andrew Morris has a severe case of Texans fever as well. I found him at the Texans merchandise store at Reliant Stadium. Morris says he got so excited watching last weekend’s big win over Cincinnati, he was screaming and yelling at the television.

“It’s gonna be like that this weekend, bigger party, more barbeque, everything. Hopefully they can pull it out this weekend. It’s going to be a tough one. It’s going to be a dogfight.”

Texans  fever is usually dormant this time of year since the team is usually finished for the season and fans don’t have much to cheer for. Store manager Carol Rhodes says the fever is causing her sales to go way up.

“This time of year, we’re basically getting ready for another event, so now we’re getting ready for the Super Bowl.”

Some people have it so bad, they’re flying to Baltimore this weekend to see the game in person. But unlike a real fever, this is one people don’t want to go away. Not until Super Bowl Sunday.