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Friday Is FEMA Deadline For Wildfire Victims

Victims of wildfires in 23 Texas counties have until Friday to register with FEMA for potential recovery assistance. The agency's Bob Howard says it's the last call for wildfire recovery assistance.



“Housing assistance to help them recover if their home was damaged or destroyed in the fire, SBA low-interest loans to help them rebuild. So there’s a host of services that are available to them, but in order to access those they have to register for assistance.”

More than $13.4 million in grants has been approved for home repairs and replacement, rental assistance and other needs. Another $19.5 million in SBA loans has been approved so far.


“4,000 people in Texas have already registered for assistance, but we wanted to make sure that if there’s somebody out there that has been holding back or got caught up in the holidays and had been meaning to do it, that they know that it’s — the time to do it is now.”

Applications can be made online at