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Creating Affordable Housing Options With The Help Of Art

Celebrating its 20th year of nonprofit work, "Art on the Avenue" helps Avenue CDC continue its mission of creating affordable housing options near downtown.


Avenue CDC started as a group of homeowners in the old Sixth Ward northwest of downtown Houston who wanted to help revitalize their neighborhood. Executive Director Mary Lawler says the past two decades have exceeded expectations.

“Over that time period, we’ve helped about 10,000 families with their affordable housing needs. We’ve developed 526 apartments. We completed our 100th single family home this year, which was a big milestone for us. And we also provide homebuyer education and counseling.”  

Tomorrow night, Avenue CDC will hold it’s 15th “Art on the Avenue” event at Winter Street Studios near Washington Avenue.

“We have about 300 artists who put work into a show, it’s a silent auction of artworks. The sale of the artwork is split between the artists and Avenue CDC, so it’s supporting our local artists while also supporting our affordable housing programs.”

The auction gets underway at 6 pm. You can find more information at