Protest Over Jobs Bill Leads To Arrests

Several arrests downtown this afternoon after protestors took the streets to demonstrate against what they call a lack of progress on President Obama's jobs bill.

“We are the 99 percent! We are the 99 percent!”

Several hundred protesters, many chanting “We are the 99 percent”, tried to force their way into the lobby of the Leland Federal building downtown. That’s where Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Houston offices are located. They’re upset about Hutchison’s no-vote this week on President Obama’s American Jobs Act.

Pete Puente is part of an electricians union and says many of his colleagues can’t find new work.

“You have to stand up and reach out to the decision makers, to the job makers. That’s why we put them in office, to create jobs to help this economy, to help this United States of America. We’re not united.”

This woman, Courtney, even wrote a song for Senator Hutchison.

(Singing) “Won’t you vote yes, Kay Bailey. Won’t you vote yes? I’ve mourned the whole day long. I’ll do the typing honey, must pay the rent. Vote yes, don’t do me wrong.”

“I need a job like 20 million people need a job. What’s wrong with the jobs bill? Figure it out. Fix it.” 

Mary Lozano says something needs to be done about the jobs situation now.

HPD“Our economy is in a bad situation. Homes are being foreclosed. People have been out of work for longer than two years and it’s not going to get any better. It’s just getting worse.” 

In a written statement, Senator Hutchison says the President’s bill is a repeat of many of the same policies that have hobbled the U.S. economy.

Although not the entire group, members of the Occupy Houston movement were part
of the downtown protest.