An App For Your Car

Houston-based Jiffy Lube International is unveiling a new iPhone application that will make it easier for customers to care for their vehicles. Andrew Schneider has more.

The new app provides car owners with tips for how to deal with tough situations on the road, such as how to jump a dead battery or what to do if your car overheats.

Jiffy Lube advertising manager Brian Lardi:

“This is something that our customers have been asking for for some time. So we’ve heard them loud and clear. And this app was specifically designed and developed to help them simplify and organize their car care information.”

To that end, the app lets users schedule reminders for routine maintenance, as well as store basic information, such as license plate and vehicle identification numbers.  It also includes a GPS function to help users find and contact the nearest Jiffy Lube franchise.

The app is currently downloadable for free at the iPhone App Store.  The company plans to release an Android version of the app in the coming year.

Jiffy Lube App


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