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The Show Must Go On!

Across the country, a number of cities are cancelling their fireworks show this year for economic reasons.  Here in Texas, many are doing the same, but the reasons have to do with safety.  Drought conditions have made much of Texas dry and more prone to fire.  But that's not stopping some cities from going on with the show, including Houston.  Bill Stamps reports.



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There’s no fireworks show in San Antonio or Austin this year.  Residents can thank Mother Nature for the cancellations.  Harris County hasn’t fared much better weather-wise, but several cities say the show must go on.  That includes Houston.  Rocco Vitale will orchestrate the Freedom Over Texas show Monday at Eleanor Tinsley Park.

“You always want to error towards safety.  You know all the necessary safety precautions have been taken for the show on Monday night.  All the permits have been applied for and received and the Houston Fire Department is doing an amazing job, as they always do, of making sure that public safety is top priority.”

Vitale’s family has been in the pyrotechnic business for over a century.  The fireworks may look the same but he says the computer has expanded what they can do.

“You can create those moments throughout the show.  If you want a specific color to go off at a specific time, or a specific device to go off at a specific time, the computer allows you to really take what you have in your head creatively and actually make it happen out in the field and for the people of Houston.”

Pasadena is another city planning to go on with their fireworks show.  It’ll take place at the Pasadena Convention Center and Fairgrounds.  Special projects coordinator Stanley White says city leaders talked about cancelling the show but in the end decided against it.

“We talked to the Fire Marshall and they said they’d be out there and they’d handle it, so we’re going to go through with it.  We put this event on every year; it’s an annual thing.  And we’re trying to make it bigger every single year and really the fireworks…it’s just part of July 4th and we’d hate to get rid of it.”

Both the Houston and Pasadena shows will feature live music, lots of food as well as games for kids.  One thing people will a also see is plenty of firefighters and firetrucks.