Officials: Have a Hurricane Plan in Place

Today is the first day of what's predicted to be a busy hurricane season. As Pat Hernandez reports, local emergency officials say Houston residents should have some of the basics ready to go.

The last major storm to affect Houston was Hurricane Ike in 2008 and forecasters say we’re in for an above average season this year. Francisco Sanchez is with the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. He says residents should remember the basics.

“They need to have a kit, they need to have a plan and they need to stay informed and first and foremost, really understand where they live. If it’s a hurricane and you live in a surge zone, you need to evacuate when your officials tell you, no matter how big or small the storm. If you don’t live in a surge zone, then you need to stay in place and let those people who are in harm’s way get out first, and as long as we can do that, we’ll do a pretty good job of surviving a hurricane.”
Sanchez says residents should have enough food and water to sustain themselves and their families for 3-7 days or even longer.

“After Hurricane Ike, some of us were without power for ten days, so you need to be ready to be without power for that
amount of time. So you need to have plenty of food, plenty of water, you need to have all your medications filled so you can have enough for a week and you need a way to be able to stay informed, so I would definitely have batteries and a battery powered radio and a weather radio for the event.”

Hurricane season ends at the end of November, but the peak part of the season usually hits between August and the early part of October.



Written by Jack Williams and voiced by Pat Hernandez.