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UH Students Say Guns on Campus Not Necessary

Texas lawmakers are one step closer to passing a law that would allow guns on college campuses. The Senate passed a bill on Monday and now it's up to the House. Bill Stamps talked with people on both sides of the issue and has this report.


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Like any issue, the debate over whether to allow students or faculty members to legally have a gun on campus has its pros and cons.

Daniel Crocker is with the group Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. He thinks the argument that there will be gunshots and accidental shootings is silly, because many colleges already allow guns and there’s never been an incident.

“Now these 71 college campuses with hundreds of thousands of students, over hundreds of semesters, have never had a single problem. There has never been a single incident of gun accidents of drunken college students or any of the other nay saying problems that we always hear, or this bad thing will happen, or that bad thing will happen.”

Some people against guns on campus say mass killings like the Virginia Tech case don’t occur very often, and so therefore, protection isn’t necessary. Many campus Police Chiefs also say they wouldn’t want to arrive at a scene and see multiple people with guns.

But Crocker says it’s not about protection from shootouts, it’s about protections from things like robberies, rapes and attacks that happen all the time on college campuses.

“The issue isn’t really about making campuses safer. It’s just allowing people who can protect themselves everywhere else to protect themselves on campus.”

While Crocker says it’s about personal protection, I couldn’t’ find a student at the University of Houston who thought it was necessary. No one who said they needed to themselves with a firearm. Here are juniors James Broussard and Cameron Doby.

“To be honest, I’d say if they don’t let guns on campus, I would feel safer. Because if people are carrying guns on campus, even if they have a license to carry that gun on campus, things happen. Sometimes people might break or might use those weapons.”

 Even though there are burglars and stuff you know it’s just dangerous for both parties I think.

Nam Nguyn says he’s not sure how he feels about the issue.

” I would kind of feel safe, but you know kind of feel dangerous at the same time, cause if a situation did occur they would be ready to defend, you know protect people around them and themselves.”

One female told us she would never carry a weapon herself and tries to avoid being on campus at night for her protection.

It’s possible they could allow guns on Texas campuses and very few people would actually carry one. But should they be allowed to legally? The Texas Senate has said yes.

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