Galveston Water Emergency

Work is underway this afternoon to repair the broken Galveston waterline that triggered a water emergency over the weekend. A City of Galveston spokeswoman says the line should be repaired in 24-to-48 hours. Rod Rice reports.

The water emergency is a stage-5 emergency.  That means no car washing or watering lawns. Alicia Cahill says the stage-5 water emergency will stay in place even after the waterline is fixed.

“We’ll need to recharge all of our storage tanks and get those back at adequate levels before we lower the alert.”

Water service is available now due to the city’s ground level and above ground storage facilities. The worst that could happen at this point would be to run out of stored water before the pipe is repaired.

“If we manage our resources carefully and everyone is conserving water the best they can, we do not anticipate a service interruption.”

And, Cahill says because of the current drought, even after storage tanks are full, the water emergency will not be lifted, but rather reduced to a voluntary stage 2-or-3 emergency.

“It’s asking everyone to look closely at their water consumption and reduce it.”

Cahill says the city could be issuing citations for the current stage-5 emergency, but has decided not to because people are complying and there’s been a noticeable decrease in water consumption.