Propane Tank Protection During Wildfire Season

With wildfires in or threatening all but two Texas counties, the safety of propane tanks takes on new importance. Rod Rice reports that the state agency in charge of propane safety says it’s a good idea to know what to do before a fast moving wildfire threatens your property.

The state agency is the Texas Railroad Commission. It is advising people with propane tanks to make sure they are turned off if there’s a wildfire near you. If you are unsure how to do it, call your propane supplier.  You should also have them inspect your tank for any leaks.

“It’s also important to keep all the brush cleared out around your propane tank.”

Ramona Nye is with the Railroad Commission. In addition she says make sure any grass near a tank is mowed close to the ground.

Your propane supplier can also show you where any underground lines are buried.  She says it is also a good idea to have a reflective decal that indicates where your tank is, so emergency responders can find it, even in the dark.

“You can get that from the Railroad Commission, and you can also get other tips from the Railroad Commission at propane-dot-t-x-dot-gov”.

And if you are the victim of a wildfire Nye says have your tank inspected and tested before turning it on and using it again.