Private Jet Runs Out of Runway at Hobby

An early morning accident at Hobby Airport caused minor damage to an airplane. The Federal Aviation Administration says there was also some damage at the airport that will need to be fixed. Rod Rice reports.

The plane was a Lear Jet carrying a young patient from Mexico bound for the Shriner’s Galveston Burn Hospital. None of the six people onboard were injured when the jet ran off the end of the runway.

This is the FAA’s Lynn Lunsford.

“It looks like the aircraft landed a little to far down the runway.  We don’t know exactly why. There was some in the area at the time, so that’s one of the factors investigators will be looking at.”

Lunsford say damage to the jet was minor and it was cleared to be moved this morning.  He says some runway lights and an instrument landing system on runway 12-Right were also damaged.

The instrument landing system is going to have to repaired, but Hobby has other runways that are in perfect working order so this is just a minor inconvenience.”

The accident happened shortly after four this morning.