Congresswoman Wants Feds to Look At Holley Case

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is the latest to call for a federal investigation into an alleged police brutality case caught on video tape. Although four of the officers were fired and face up to a year in jail, Jackson and others say that's not enough. Bill Stamps has more.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee started off by praising local law enforcement and the great job they’ve done for Houston. But when it comes to the Chad Holley case, she believes the District Attorney’s investigation and charges against the officers aren’t enough.
So Jackson Lee joined the list of others, asking the United States Justice Department to look at the case.

“So I announce today that this matter is under review, but that I intend also to hopefully secure as I understand it, other tapes that have now been made available in order to present them to the justice department as well.”

In an incident that happened last March, Holley is shown on surveillance tape being kicked and punched by a number of officers, some of whom were fired and face misdemeanor charges that could put them in jail for up to a year.

The law says in order to be charged with a felony there must be use of a deadly weapon or the victim must suffer severe bodily injury that could lead to death.

“I’m also going to introduce federal legislation that will tie the review of police improper conduct to federal funding.”

Jackson says the original investigation didn’t include Holley’s updated medical records.

Some believe those records show more serious damage and thus constitute grounds for felony charges.