Mother Nature Hurting Valentines Business

This year there’s been a good reason to procrastinate on finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift — the weather. Bill Stamps has more.

Houston resident Anthony Williams can relax this weekend without having to worry about what he’s getting his wife for Valentine’s Day. That’s because he already bought it.

“I bought her some sleepwear and a card and then I’m going to take her out to dinner.”

Cara Schiek doesn’t have worry about what she’s getting her significant other either, but her reason is different.

“We don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s Day that way. We just have a nice dinner together and that’s it.”

Over at Fannin Flowers a handful of mostly male customers looked at roses and others flowers. Manager Carlos Chavez says he hasn’t had many customers buying for valentine’s so far.

“Not yet, but we’re hoping to get more people Saturday and Sunday and of course Monday.”
Chavez says the freezing temperatures in Houston probably kept a lot of people home. And it’s not just Houston’s weather that’s having an impact on business. He says their roses are shipped from Columbia and there’s been bad weather there as well.

“In Columbia, they said it was raining too much over there. That’s they the prices of roses went up.”

Higher prices didn’t stop one man who told us his name was Lee.

“I usually get roses, a card and some candy and take her out to dinner.”

I asked Lee what he would ask for if he could get any valentines gift he wanted.

“Ohh, if I could get anything I wanted it would probably be some fishing gear or maybe something to do for hunting.”
Bill: “But those aren’t your typical valentines gift.” 

Lee:  But you asked if I could get anything I wanted.”