IRS Opens on Saturday

The Internal Revenue Service wants more people to take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit if they qualify. To help taxpayers get answers about the EITC the IRS is opening four area offices tomorrow and next Saturday. Rod Rice reports.

Those who qualify could get up to 5,666 dollars.  The average credit last year was 2200 dollars. The IRS’s Lea Crusberg says four out of five people eligible for the credit got it last year, the IRS wants get the to five out of five.

“Anyone with earnings under 48-thousand 362-dollars from wages, self employment or farming in 20-10 should definitely look into the Earned Income Tax credit to see if they qualify.”

Also if your income has declined, your marital status changed or number of children changed you should look into it. However to get the credit you must file a tax return, even if you otherwise wouldn’t have to file. To find out if you qualify and get help claiming the credit you can go the IRS offices at 1919 Smith or 8701 Gessner during the week during regular business hours.

“There are other options, obviously you can go to our website, there’s an EITC assistant you can look at to see if you qualify, but we will have four locations in the Houston area open the next two Saturday’s from 9-to-2 to assist taxpayers who may not be able to come in during the work week.”

You can also find an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center by calling 2-1-1 or visiting