DA Lycos Releases Re-Cap of A Busy Year

A new online report gives Harris County residents a glimpse into the inner workings of the district attorney’s office. Gail Delaughter reports.

Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos says she hopes the 35-page report will help citizens understand how the criminal justice system works in the third-largest county in the country.

“You know, we’re the magnet for the best and the brightest, but we also attract the worst of predators and thugs.”

In what she hopes will be an annual report, Lykos says she wants to educate people on the huge volume of cases handled every year, and how those cases were resolved. There’s also data on forfeitures and extraditions, along with information on new initiatives to help victims and protect children and the elderly. Lykos says there were 50-thousand new felony cases in 2009.

“And then the data on the misdemeanors and the juvenile petitions, and then the class-C misdemeanors filed and the justice courts, so they’re going to discover that we had 570-thousand cases filed altogether last year.” 

For access to the report, visit Year in Review link on the district attorney’s website.


Gail Delaughter

Gail Delaughter

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