Mayor To Hit the Streets for Feedback on Heights Walmart

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says she’ll hit the streets this weekend to get more input on a proposed Walmart in the Washington Heights area. Laurie Johnson reports.

The mayor has already hosted two public meetings on the proposed Walmart and says she wants even more feedback on things like street improvements and traffic concerns from residents in the immediate neighborhood.

“I do intend this weekend to knock on a few doors over in that neighborhood to see if I can actually have a productive conversation with the folks along Koehler Street, Bass Street, the other streets in the neighborhood that are admittedly going to have some direct impact from what is a major development nearby. But we have asked in a number of different ways for input from the people who are actually on these streets what they’d like to see happen and the response tends to be, just make it go away, and that’s not going to happen.” 
Parker says the developer, Ainbinder, plans to go ahead with the project with or without what’s known as a 380 agreement. It would call for the developer to make street and other infrastructure improvements in the area at no up-front cost to the city. Parker says she’s trying to get the best deal for Houston.

“I’m absolutely coming from the standpoint that this is a project that will happen anyway. The developer is very clear. They came to us saying they were going to do the project. They didn’t come to us asking us for anything. We asked them, why not takeadvantage of their money, interest free, to do some things of benefit to the neighborhood and making this a win-win for everybody involved.”   

City Council will vote on the 380 agreement next Wednesday. 

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