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Friday AM August 20th, 2010

The state’s annual sales tax holiday has begun. This is the weekend for families to save money on clothes, shoes and supplies for the new school year. Ed Mayberry reports.


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shoppersThe tax holiday has been an annual event since 1999.  Shoppers will save $59.3 million in state and local sales taxes during the Sales Tax Holiday, which runs through Sunday.  Feedback has been positive, and lawmakers have expanded the concept, according to R.J. DeSilva with the Texas Comptroller’s Office.

“Clothing and shoes are part of the holiday’s inception in 1999.  Last year, school supplies were added as part of the list, so this will be the second year for school supplies.  We’re talking about notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, highlighters, for example, are part of the school supplies list.  And backpacks are also part of this tax-free holiday weekend.”

Shoppers will pay no state or local sales tax on many school supplies and on most children’s and adults’ clothing and shoes priced at less than $100.

“A lot of families over the years had wanted school supplies added to it, so that was done through a bill that was passed through the legislature.  Backpacks were added on about four years ago.  during times like this when some families may be on tight budgets, being able to save about $8 on every $100 spent can go a long way, especially if you’ve got a lot of people that you’re buying for.”    

Lists of tax-free apparel and school supplies are on the State Comptroller’s Website.