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Clemens Indicted for Lying About Steroids

The topic of steroids continues to make headlines in Houston. The Texan's start linebacker Brian Cushing is fighting a 4-game suspension for testing positive. Now baseball great and former Astro pitcher Roger Clemens is facing indictment charges. Bill Stamps has more.



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It was two years ago that baseball great Roger Clemens went before members of Congress and said this.

“Let me be clear. I have never taken steroids or HGH. Do I think steroids are good for helping someone’s performance? No. In fact I think they’re detrimental. These types of drugs should play no role in the game of baseball and athletics at any level.”

But Clemens’ personal trainer Brian McNamee told federal investigators that he personally injected the former all star with HGH, Human Growth Hormone. And one of Clemens’ best friends, pitcher Andy Pettitte told agents that Clemens admitted to him that he took the drug. University of Houston law professor Adam Gershowitz give his take on the indictment.

“In the grand scheme of things these types of charges are very low level charges compared to what most federal prosecutions are for drugs, kidnappings and things like that. But he’s indicted for multiple counts of lying to Congress and to perjury and while they likely don’t face very lengthy prison time, in the real world, it’s still nevertheless an unusual situation to see a professional athlete indicted for lying to Congress.”

The six count indictment alleges that Clemens made fifteen different false statements to congress while under oath. Still, Clemens has maintained his innocence. He says McNamee is lying and Pettitte simply heard him wrong. Professor Gershowitz says the charges could land Clemens in prison if he’s found guilty.

“Because he has no prior record and because the counts will likely be sentenced concurrently, you’re really looking at really a prospect of a year or two in prison, but of course a year or two in prison for Roger Clemons is a very serious thing.”

Clemens played in the major leagues for 24 seasons. Two of those were with the Astros.