Tuesday AM July 20th, 2010

A Houston military veteran will receive a complete financial makeover this summer as part of a nationwide program aimed at financial responsibility. Jack Williams reports.

Gradient Give Back logoIt’s called the Gradient Gives Back program, put on by Gradient Financial Services. The program will pick one Houston veteran in need of financial help and provide six months worth of mortgage payments, financial assistance, debt reduction help and career counseling. Local financial advisor Mike Catalano will help with advice for the veteran.

“Once they’ve gotten beyond the temporary needs that may be just a cash infusion, then we’re going to come in concurrently with Gradient and use, hopefully, what we have between our ears to help these people get on a much more functional path so that they never fall into those problems or if they do, they’ll be better trained to deal with a problem like a job loss or a healthcare debt or some sort of family emergency which becomes much more critical when you haven’t planned for it.”

The Houston veteran will be chosen next month. There are an estimated 195,000 veterans in Texas. There’s more information at