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Some Test Positive

Harris County Mosquito Control has been busy fielding calls about the pesky critters after the recent rains. Officials say they’re keeping an eye out for mosquitoes that carry disease. Pat Hernandez has more.



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There are an estimated 150 species of mosquitoes in Harris County and the recent rains have certainly brought them out. Dr. Rudy Bueno is director of the Mosquito Control Division for Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services. He says they constantly monitor the influx. While rains help bring the pesky mosquitoes, it’s the standing water that attracts the ones that carry the West Nile virus and Saint Louis encephalitis.

“We’ve had 13 samples that have tested positive. That’s what happens at this time of year, as the weather becomes more optimal, then we start to see more disease activity, and when we find that, then we send our trucks out there to spray those areas.”

Bueno says residents need to pay particular attention to mosquitoes they can’t see or hear.

“The ones that spread West Nile virus, are kind of silent in nature. They’re not the ones that often times you feel. They come out at nighttime, and often times they can bite a person when they’re sleeping. The person won’t feel a thing, but those are the ones that are a concern to us.”

He says they’ve so far managed to stay ahead of mosquitoes that become resistant to insecticide. Bueno adds you can do your part.

“For sure, get rid of any kind of artifical containers that are out there you know, and we all have those. Tires, cans, we have bottles, we have all sorts of things out there. Of course, use the proper repellant, and there’s diffrerent kinds of repellant, and that’s really a big plus if you can do that. Wear the appropriate clothing.”

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Pat Hernandez, KUHF News.