Wednesday AM June 30th, 2010

Many of the jobs in today’s economy didn’t exist a decade ago. The Houston Campus of American InterContinental University is hosting a “Jobs in the New Economy” event this evening. Ed Mayberry reports.

Speakers will discuss the opportunities and challenges that job-seekers face in key industries at tonight’s event.  American InterContinental University offers four programs—IT, visual communications, criminal justice and business administration.  Steve Malutich is president of the Houston campus on Richmond.

“The purpose of the speaker’s series is to have someone in each of those four program areas come in an talk about opportunities for people with degrees in that field—people thinking maybe about either enhancing their career, gaining some additional knowledge and skills.  Perhaps they’ve been unfortunately laid off, or they’ve just decided that they’d like to make a career change and, you know, would like to learn more about maybe what, you know, opportunities are in the criminal justice field or business and so forth.” 

Those who attend have a chance to win the opportunity to shadow a business professional.

“For people, you know, wanting to make a transition from what they’ve been doing to something different, you know, education enables that.  So we’re going to address both the educational aspect of it — no matter what their motivation — to perhaps be looking at a career or to attend this event, and also just some ideas of what is available.  We’re hoping we have a huge audience and can really, you know, help facilitate people’s decision-making, should they be looking to change careers or move sideways or move up in their organization.”   

The “Jobs in the New Economy” speakers series is this evening at 6:30 at American InterContinental University on Richmond.

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