Monday AM June 28th, 2010

A Houston businessman who leads a trading and development company has written a book detailing what he’s learned about expansion into international markets. Ed Mayberry reports.

Think, Act, Breathe Global and Grow Your Business book coverPresident Barack Obama has voiced support for exporting more goods as a way of increasing jobs in the United States.  The president of Equip XP, which exports heavy equipment in the oil, mining and construction sector, has written Think, Act, Breathe Global and Grow Your Business to share what he’s learned about doing international business.  Vernon Darko says the first step is learning how to identify markets.

“Identifying your product that you actually want to export and then researching the markets it will work best in.  That’s very very, that’s key, to research.  And even checking the culture, and if the product that you want to export for the particular country, for the fit.  You know, (if) their climate is always warm, you want to make sure that the equipment that you’re selling or product or clothing or whatever it is, will fit that region.”

Darko writes about resources that can help identify clients around the world, such as the United States Commercial Services. 

“An one thing I always encourage people to do, probably work with banks that understand international business complexities.  Also— I don’t know if you’re aware of this — even the United States, they have an organization called the Export Import Bank which helps guarantee loans to export out of the U.S., so that’s another incentive.  You have access to capital to do that, as well.”

Darko’s book on expanding your business to international markets is available on Amazon.