Wednesday AM June 16th, 2010

Newspapers, magazines and broadcasters have felt the slump in advertising dollars for quite a while. But now the employment outlook for marketing and advertising professionals is looking up for the coming quarter. Ed Mayberry reports.

The Creative Group logoThe latest Hiring Index for Marketing and Advertising Professionals from The Creative Group finds that 18 percent of marketing and advertising executives plan to increase staff levels in the third quarter, with only 12 percent anticipating declines.  That’s a net six percent increase in project hiring.  The Creative Group’s Robert Bennett says advertising dollars are coming back, and much of it is with new media.

“We’re starting to actually see that come back. Although slower, I think, than we would, well, than would all like.  However, what we’re seeing a lot of, on the production side and Web design, electronically, when you break down the highest demand that we have from our clients, it comes from Web design and production.  That’s a lot of what we’re seeing.”   

About 16 percent of creative jobs in demand are for Web design and production.  Bennett says unemployment rates can be deceiving, and may not accurately reflect what’s going on in marketing and advertising. 

“If you look at the degreed unemployment rate, it’s below five percent.  But another thing, too, is the difficulty comes when the type of technologies that are out there to create these cost-effective marketing and advertising methods are new technologies, just now beginning to be taught in colleges.” 

Companies initiating new projects often realize their current teams are either too stretched thin or lack the necessary expertise, so they’ve been bringing in extra support.

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