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Tuesday AM March 30th, 2010

New higher-speed 4g phone service is now available in the Houston area. It delivers downloading speeds up to ten times faster than 3g, as we hear from Ed Mayberry.


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digital speedsThe new 4G service is rolling out across Houston, offering faster downloads of movies, games and other high-volume data.? Carl Brown is with Sprint.

“3G is the term used for Third Generation telecommunications wireless network space.? T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint—you know, we are on what they call a Third Generation network.? And what we’ve just launched in Houston is 4G.? It’s the Next Generation speed, and it’s really applicable right now to mobile broadband, to data download.? Voice is voice.? Everyone’s got pretty good voice networks now.? But what we’re talking about with 4G is just the ability to have DSL- and even basic cable-Internet speeds on a mobile broadband card.”????

The new 4G service offers average speeds of between three and six megabytes-per-second, compared to 3G’s 600 kilobytes to 1.7-megabyte speed.

“The 4G speeds are up to ten times faster than 3G, so it’s not just a little bit faster, it’s significantly faster.”

Ed:? “Did the infrastructure have to be beefed up for this to happen?”

“As far as the towers go — and the big sites — all have to be beefed up.? And we’re partner with Clearwire, and they build the infrastructure and do the infrastructure work.? But the neat thing about Sprint is we’re the first and we’re the only, right now.?? We have the only 4G network in the U.S.”

Brown says the 4G experience is like entering the high-speed Internet world after years of using dial-up.