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WWII Planes on Display at Ellington Field

For two days, vintage World War II era military planes are over to Ellington Field. The planes are on public display until Wednesday. And as Bill Stamps found out, you can even take a ride if you’d like.


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Standing about 50-yards from that helicopter taking off were more than a dozen people watching in awe. Once the helicopter had left they turned their attention back to the B-17 bomber they were standing next to. Kerry Freeman Brought his son Michael to see the vintage aircraft.

“Just my son. He loves the military and loves the military channel. And he really loves WWII history so this is a great chance to come out and see some of that stuff in action.”

The planes are part of the Collings Foundations Wings of Freedom Tour they have a B-17 a B-24 and a number of other old and modern planes available for you to get an up-close look. The B-24 is actually the last one of its kind in the world. Tim Rule is one of the pilots and says they made them a lot differently than they do now.

There’s no automatic autopilot or anything like that. Everything is by hand. There’s no booster controls everything is by hand. Everything is just push-pull controls, cables and you have to…the b-24 takes a lot to fly that thing.

“The new jets…you just sort of finesse them by a little finger tip type of thing, but on those airplanes you grab a handful of yoke and you hang on.”

There were a lot of fathers and sons out at Ellington Field…probably because it’s spring break. Tyler Scharbach says he wanted to see some of the planes he flyes in his WW2 Video game.

“In my video games, I fly this one a lot. This is one of my favorite ones to fly because it’s a part of history. You get to see what it was like back then. You get to get in the cockpit in the games and see what it was like so it persuades me to want to go into the air force when I’m older.”

All the planes on display still fly. For about 400 dollars you can take a ride in one of the old bombers. And that helicopter…you can take a 15-minute flight for 110 bucks. 160 if you want to sit in the front seat.