CPS Kids Get Best Gift of All

With just a few more days left till Christmas, children everywhere are getting anxious to see what Santa leaves under the tree. But some local children don’t have to wait until Friday. Tuesday they received what some might call the greatest gift of all. Bill Stamps has the story.

For forty children under the care of Harris County child protective services, this may be the best Christmas they’ll ever have.

(kids talking)

“Yes, Santa paid them a visit at the downtown courthouse, but today they got something Santa could never give them. Today they were officially given a home with people who love them.”

“I feel great cause I get my boys and it’s over with now, so they’re mine.”

Judge Doug WarneThat’s Chandra Cooksey, who adopted her nephews. The big event started with everyone in one courtroom. Judge Doug Warne said a few words.

“We judges hope as the presiding judged in the courts that they’re in, that this is the final step on their way to a better life.”

Next, the families split into two courtrooms and one by one went before a judge to make it official.

“This is the part I hate to ask, because this is what makes people cry. Have you had a chance to develop a bond of love and affection with him as if he was already your son? Answer yes. And based on that relationship that you have with him are you asking this court to grant the adoption today. Answer yes.”

Terri Jaggers is with CPS and one of the organizers for this Christmas adoption day.

“It is a beautiful day. It is the best way to celebrate Christmas. And if you come up here and you see this and you see these families, if it doesn’t make your heart just understand what Christmas is all about, you just don’t have the spirit of Christmas possible in your heart. Its amazing.”

(kids saying bye to Santa)

There were a lot of smiles, but many of these children haven’t have much to cheer about. Eight year old Judson and six year old Dakota were taken away from their mom, so thanks to today’s ceremony, Grandma Nancy Samm is now mom. She says they did what they had to do.

“Well, for right now it’s best for the children. We still have contact, but the children do not.”

It’s safe to say most of the children haven’t exactly had good experiences in the courthouse. But this time, they’re walking out the door with smiles on their faces knowing they’re loved. The new parents say that’s what Christmas is all about.

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