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Wednesday AM December 2nd, 2009

The Greater Houston Partnership will host a World Bank Liaison Officer to help provide businesses with international funding opportunities for emerging markets. Ed Mayberry reports.

Houston skylineHouston is only the third U.S. city to be chosen to host a World Bank Group Public Sector Liaison Officer.  The Greater Houston Partnership’s Jeff Moseley says the posting will lead to the business community having access to funding awarded through more than 40,000 World Bank Group contracts.

“To assist Houston area business leaders with accessing their loans and their deals that they put together to help build growing nations and to help them with their infrastructure.  About $26 billion in loans are processed annually by the World Bank, and having a Private Sector Liaison Officer will open doors to Houston businesses and allow us an opportunity to understand better how to be a part of those financing packages.” 

Moseley says Houston industries are already heavily involved in building infrastructure related to energy, biopharma and aerospace in other countries.   

“Now World Bank is committed to nations that are growing their infrastructure and World Bank is committed to helping them fund infrastructure packages.  That would include construction of ports and airports, rail infrastructure.  It would include helping them open up administrative offices and getting a better sense on how to find efficiencies in their bureaucracies.  We have those core competencies in Houston and we can be a full partner in helping World Bank carry forward their mission.”

The Greater Houston Partnership hopes to have the World Bank Liaison Office fully operational in the next six to eight weeks.