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Houston Football Legend Teaches Finance to Students

What’s more important — your GPA or your credit score? This discussion happened at a Galveston high school as students took part in what’s called “Financial Football.” The guest was Hall of Famer and Houston legend Warren Moon. Bill Stamps has more.

Warren MoonThey gathered in the weight room — athletes and cheerleaders from Ball High School and Texas City High School. Their football season is now over, but they were about to a game of financial football.

The game consists of questions about money and finances. The goal is to score just like you would on the field. Former Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon played with the students and talked with them about money.

“The younger these kids can learn how to budget their money and take care of it, I think the more successful they will be as they move forward in life.”

Moon says whether you’re professional with a huge contract or just an average Joe, making 40 thousand dollars a year…the key is to save and live within your means.

“I made a good amount of money when I played but I always lived well below my means, knowing that one day down the line this game was going to end fortunately for me I played a lot longer than most but for most guys their career doesn’t last very long and so you need to take that money and use it as a stepping stone to catapult the rest of your life.”

Chuck Doyle Chuck Doyle is chairman of the board for Texas First Bank. He also spoke to the students.

“All of them knew their GPA, but none of them knew their credit score. And its just the other way around when you get into the real world. The GPA doesn’t mean a whole lot once you get out of educational institutions. But you know your credit score is what its all about when you’re trying to establish your home life and whatever you do in life. You need to have good credit and you need to take care of it properly.”

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter told the students they need to be disciplined once they get jobs and start making money.

“You look at it and say ‘well, I really want this’. But what you need to be asking is ‘do I really need this?'”

The students didn’t fare that well at financial football. One question asked who decides if you receive a credit card. The credit card company, the bank or you. Most of them thought the answer was you.

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