Wednesday AM October 21st, 2009

Corporate downsizing often results in personnel finding themselves promoted to managerial positions overnight. A new book looks at the next steps that newly-appointed mid-level management should take. Ed Mayberry reports.

Oops!  I'm the Manager!  Getting Past In her book,  Oops!  I’m the Manager!  Getting Past “What Do I Do Next?” in 5 Easy Steps, author Katharine Giacalone demonstrates that lack of experience doesn’t mean inability to succeed.

“You know, situation with the economy and a lot of people being left behind, asked to doing more with less, kinda want to focus on the managers who are asked to do, be a manager without a lot of training.”

Ed: “It must play with your head just a bit to all of a sudden being thrown in that managerial position.  You were one of the guys, you know, essentially.  This elevation, you have to have a different mindset.”

“You do have to have a different mindset.  But you have to always remember you came from roots yourself.  And you have to remember that it’s important to know where other people are coming from, when it comes to communicating with them — not neccessarily the way you like to be communicated with.”    

Giacalone says new managers need to learn how to assess the personalities of others.

“Learn to know what recharges other people’s batteries and how to motivate other people.  Make sure that you’re able to fact-find, ask lots of questions, incorporate lots of ideas.  Always be respectful—that’s the third point.  There’s a piece about, you know, finding the humor in things — not making fun of people, but finding the absurdity in situations.  And then the fifth point is obviously we get paid as a manager to make it all happen.  So how do you use tact when you need to make it all happen?”

Giacalone is president of KGWork management consulting firm in Washington, D.C. 

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

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