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High School Renovation a Boost to Neighborhood

They’re calling it the rebirth of Worthing. Houston School Board President Lawrence Marshall unveiled preliminary plans for renovation and a new classroom wing for Worthing High School in southeast Houston. Marshall says the 24 million dollar project will help to reinvigorate the community. Pat Hernandez has more.

Last school year, when Children at Risk released its list of the best high schools in Houston, Worthing High came in last — number 131.

This school year Worthing has a new principal and enrollment and community involvement have

Under the 2007 bond program, HISD approved the renovation and expansion of ten schools, including Worthing. Houston School Board President Lawrence Marshall also represents district-9, which includes Worthing.

“Worthing was chosen because its a part of the original school design 50-years ago. The sister building was Westbury High School. That building was found to be flawed with a structural failure and we felt very strongly that we should replace that particular building once we had an opportunity.”

The existing school facility will be renovated much like the work done at Westbury High. Tamara Sterling is the first female principal in Worthing’s 50-year history.

“Worthing High School is the pride of Sunnyside and just to see that the board of trustees, the community, are putting the funds back into Worthing High School — it just really says something about their commitment to our community.”

Board president Marshall says its important that residents see something positive happen in their community.

“With this injection, I think it will reinvigorate the community, and everyone will start thinking about economic development. We think it has a lot of potential.”

Once the plans are finalized, the renovation is expected to be completed in three years.

PH, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.