Friday AM July 31st, 2009

Companies have dramatically slashed travel budgets and limited professional development events in the current economy. One upcoming energy conference is taking that into consideration, streamlining into a one-day event. Ed Mayberry reports.

Gulf Publishing’s Marketing in the Oilfield conference will focus on new marketing trends in the energy industry. CEO John Royall says condensing the conference into one day will help prevent the loss of sales or billable time for attendees.

Marketing in the Oilfield Conference held by Gulf Publishing“Oil and gas industry is cyclical. Demand—because of the global economy, industrial production and so forth—goes up and down, it’s cyclical. It’s a challenge for marketers because of budgets, but it’s also an opportunity in that several of our customers are using this opportunity, for example, to grab market shares. Certain companies, the reaction is to pull in their horns, but it’s actually an opportunity for those who want to be aggressive.”

Royall says energy company marketers will hear discussions about new media—including social media—and how the Internet is used alongside traditional media, such as Gulf Publishing’s trade magazines.

“And we at Gulf have an online business that’s really part of the brand, so that a customer, if they want to reach the upstream market, can work with the print media and the online media. And each of them does a different job for the customer. But the online, one, it helps them extend reach. Also the Internet has more immeidacy, more interactivity, so it actually does a different job for a marketer and it actually allows the marketer to achieve more of their marketing objectives.”

Gulf Publishing’s Marketing in the Oilfield conference is set for August 13th at the Omni Hotel.

Ed Mayberry, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.