Crime Stoppers Kiosk for Mall Shoppers

Crime Stoppers and Greenspoint Mall management have joined together in a unique way to fight crime. Shoppers at the mall can now access information on wanted felons in the area. The information is contained in a kiosk, the first in Texas. Pat Hernandez has more.

image of Executive director of Crime Stoppers Katherine Cabaniss

The Crime Stoppers kiosk is located near the food court at Greenspoint Mall. Executive director Katherine Cabaniss says at the touch of the screen, mall shoppers can get information on safety tips as well as featured felons who are wanted for crimes in our community.

“You can touch directly on each of the wanted felons, and read all about what they did and why they’re wanted. What they’re charged with, what their crime was, and how long they’ve been fugitives from the law.”

image of Jack Drake is president of the Greenspoint District

Last year a shooting turned Greenspoint Mall into a crime scene after a mall employee was shot by her ex-boyfriend. Jack Drake is president of the Greenspoint District. He realizes that no place is immune, but says the area has seen a dramatic turnaround with a residential increase of 50-percent and a 40-percent reduction in crime since 1990. He adds the Crime Stoppers kiosk will help make shoppers feel secure.

“Part of the reason it is here because we are way out in front in Greenspoint, in addressing community challenges. We’ve addressed them with an incredible cooperative effort over many years, with every law enforcement agency that serves this area, with the private sector, with Katherine and her group, to be on the cutting edge. We have been duplicated in many parts of this city, state and nation, and have received national, state and local awards for our programs and their success.”

There is another kiosk similar to the one at Greenspoint Mall. It’s located in Atlanta, Georgia.

PH, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.