New Stadiums Offer More Than Just Hot dogs and Peanuts

The Dallas Cowboys will play in a new expensive stadium in the upcoming football season. The New York Yankees just opened their new ball park in April. And while the Astros Minute Maid Park has been open for more than ten years it still has something in common with all the new stadiums going up. Food. As Bill Stamps reports stadium cuisine is no longer just hot dogs and nachos.

Bill Dupont and some of his business buddies are at Minute Maid Park watching the Astros beat up on the Pirates. But the guys are actually in one of the stadium’s many bars and restaurants, watching the game on TV. Now adays sports is one big party

There’s a line in the song “Take Me out to the Ballgame” that says “buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks.” It’s obvious the writer lived in a different era and would choke on his popcorn if he ever went to Minute Maid park, the Toyota Center or any of the other new stadiums across the country. Because these days you can eat just about anything you want at games, like barbecue and fajitas. Marty Price’s is vice President of guest services for the Astros.

“I think the goal of a lot of ball teams as well as basketball arenas and football stadiums is you want people to come here and the stadium is part of the experience and you want people to come here and stay late and really shop and experience the food and beverage and retail portion of it, so you have to give them a variety.  You have to give them heart healthy options, vegetarian options.”


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The marketing people are using all sorts of gimmicks these days to make sporting events fun for the whole family. But it’s the food options that have really changed in recent years. Rodrigo Fernandez was at the game drinking a beer.

“It’s a different experience, it’s a richer experience, but you gotta be richer to experience it.”

Roy Moore brought his little boy to the game. Both have big appetites.

“I haven’t eaten yet, but I’m gonna get a foot-long hot dog when I get in.”

Bill: “Oh come on.”

“That’s it. And cotton candy.”
Bill: “Out of all the things they have to offer now?” 

“That’s what I’m gonna get. foot-long hot dog with chili and cheese.”

Another reason there are more options these days is the attempt to lure more women to sporting events says the Astros Marty Price. Many guys may be OK with just beer and a hot dog, but that’s not always the case with female fans.

Bill: “So what should I try?”

“My answer to you is baseball is an eating game.  Every inning you try a different option.”

Bill: “Every inning?”

“Every inning you should have something new.”

Bill: “I’ll be 250 pounds.”

And for those of you watching your diet these days, you can even get a salad at the game. Bill Stamps KUHF Houston Public Radio news.