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Heat Emergency Declared for Houston

A day after breaking the record for the hottest day ever in June, the National Weather Service has declared a heat emergency for Houston. Bill Stamps has more on this alert and what people are doing to stay cool.



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You can call her crazy or just someone who really wants to stay in shape, but around 12:30 in the afternoon Mary Easton decided to go for a run. A three mile run in the hot sun.

“I’m so busy in the morning, I can’t get till right now, so if I don’t do it now, I won’t do it.”

Mary says there’s really not much difference between running when its 100 outside and when its 92. But it does affect her pace.

“You run a lot slower.”

Stamps: “I don’t even see any water.”

” No I don’t have any. I’m not going that far. No, I live right there. I may just go back.”

Wednesday was the hottest day ever recorded in Houston in the month of June. 104 degrees. Thursday didn’t seem to be much different.

“104, just checked.”
“Man, it’s about 106, probably 104.”

So hot that the National Weather Service declared a heat emergency. That happens when the heat index, which is air temperature and humidity reaches 108 or more for two straight days. That didn’t happen last summer. But is said to be common for Houston.

Houston resident Bobby Bryant doesn’t need a heat declaration to know its hot and stay cool. He works in a where house that seems more like a sweathouse these days. We got a bunch of fans but all it is is moving hot air.

One man who said to call him Junior has had to work in the sun laying concrete all day.

“Man, it’s burning me up I’m ready to quit this mug man.”

Stamps: “Why?”

“Cause it’s too hot out here and I ain’t getting paid for all this.”

The bad news is, there’s no relief in sight. Temperatures are expected to stay near triple digits well into next week.

Bill Stamps, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.