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What Do Dad’s Really Want for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is just a few days away. Some of you may have already found your gift for dad or your husband, but will he like it? Bill Stamps talked with a few dads to find out what it is they really want.



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If you could get any gift from your wife and kids what would it be? That was the question for the men. This is Tim Harvey’s answer:

“Quiet dinner with my wife and kid.”
Bill Stamps: “You can get that anyway can’t you?”
“Not everyday man.”

Tim has a four year old and put emphasis on the word quiet.

Jack Wyla has a one year and is celebrating his first father’s day. His answer is similar to Tim’s.

“Just a laugh and a smile, hanging out with my daughter that’s all I need.”
Stamps: “So you’ll probably get that.”
“Yeah, I’ll probably get that.”

So far none of the answers involve spending much money. In fact one woman said her husband didn’t want her to spend anything.

“He actually said, ‘no I don’t want anything’ but…”
Stamps: “Do you believe him?”
“No. “

It would take one of those long expensive surveys to find out if all men think like the ones you just heard. So the next question is what do women think their husband’s or dads would like to receive? One woman didn’t want to talk because she had no clue. She was in Niemen Marcus looking at everything, including belts.

“I don’t know what I’m looking for that’s the problem.”

Susan and Sara Pugliano were looking at short sleeved summer shirts.
“Yeah, we’re looking for party shirts. He likes party shirts. He likes to look cool when he goes out.”

Like the men you heard earlier, Mr. Pugliano told the family he doesn’t need much either on father’s day, mostly to sit back and watch TV. 

“That’s what my dad said he said golf, baseball, golf, nap. There are naps in between.”

Its not a scientific survey, but it sounds like many men would just like a quiet day of relaxation…perhaps on the couch watching a game. But then again, do we really need a survey to figure that out.

Bill Stamps KUHF Houston Public Radio News.