City Unveils New Website to Help Fight Graffiti

If you’re tired of graffiti in your neighborhood, there’s a new city of Houston website that could help to get rid of it. Jack Williams explains.

The new website was developed by Houston city council woman Sue Lovell. It includes a number of resources that residents can use to fight illegal tagging.

“First you can fine out if you need abatement done on your property, how that’s done. There’s tools there for groups and schools to use here they can get information out about graffiti. Tells about the ordinance and that indeed graffiti is a crime. And so it’s just a whole toolbox of information for people that want to do something about the graffiti problem.”   

Many individual neighborhoods have graffiti patrols and several city departments have crews that remove graffiti, but it’s still a problem.

“It costs the city almost $1 million to get rid of graffiti and right now with the downturn in the economy, we could spend that money really doing legitimate art projects and use it for different uses. So we’re hoping by giving citizens another tool, that they’ll go out and help us win the war on graffiti.”

The new website is at