Thursday AM May 7th, 2009

Houston-based MD Anderson Cancer Center will open a new cancer care facility in the Phoenix area, part of a slow expansion of its brand planned over the next decade. Jack Williams reports.

image of medical doctor

The partnership with Arizona-based Banner Health will mark the latest extension of MD Anderson’s Cancer care into other markets. The hospital currently has centers in Madrid, Spain and Orlando, Florida. This is MD Anderson’s Mitch Latinkic.

“This is truly an extension where we have all of the programmatic elements of MD Anderson, whether it’s in-patient, out-patient, ancillary support services, are all being replicated consistent with MD Anderson standards. Brand-new facilities would be built on the out-patient side, about 120,000 square feet initially.”

He says MD Anderson is careful about expansion.

“It’s not about making MD Anderson the Seven-Eleven. I’ll exaggerate to make a point, of cancer care, but it is to find the right markets, the right partners, recognizing that product control, the control over the care of patients and ultimately the reputational risks, are absolutely
critical to us and critical to our faculty.”

Banner is paying for the facilities and will compensate MD Anderson for services. Groundbreaking is expected later this year.