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Monday AM April 20th, 2009

An international energy expert with Deloitte has laid out an energy agenda for President Obama’s next 100 days. Ed Mayberry reports.


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Deloitte Senior Advisor Joseph Stanislaw has written a paper addressing how the president can achieve his energy goals.  He says success hinges on positioning a Green New Deal as the best way to attack climate change and the economy.

“If this transformation succeeds, it will succeed because it combines form and recovery, both.  You know, reforming the energy sector — which will take a long time, but you have to start that process.  By starting it, it, you know, kick-starts everything else along with it.  Then you get the reform and recovery both, and that’s the goal, that’s the objective.  And I think what we’re talking about in this transformation — across the board, across all the energy sectors — is to be green, is to be clean and promote and develop jobs.  You know, installing installation, changing windows in houses — you know, those are local economy jobs.  That’s part of the Green Deal, the Green Revolution.” 

Stanislaw recommends the passing of a carbon-trading bill.  He says the oil and gas industries need to be allies in a transformative energy plan, but every American should be in the center of the effort.

“We’re, you know, in the unthinkable territory, we’re in the new dimension, thinking outside the box.  And we’re trying to educate a new generation to think differently about how we use energy.  How the new digital technologies allow us to use less energy.  How we promote efficiency.  Make it a culture, make it a value.  And the real dimension of the Green New Deal — or the Green Collar Nation, as I like to call it — is it’s a transformation and it’s an effect, because it starts with demand.  What we don’t use, we don’t have to produce.”

Stanislaw was one of three founders of Cambridge Energy Research Associates. 

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

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