Bringing the Internet to the White House

Barack Obama brought the presidency into the internet age.

His campaign to the White House was aided by a vast online

community of supporters. It harnessed the power of social

technologies including blogs, texts, and iphones.

Pat Hernandez has more.

John McCain and Hilary Clinton lost  their bid to the White House in large part, to their lack of understanding of the internet — so says Barry Libert, an online marketing expert. He says Barack Obama is taking social networking to the next level.

“He used social technologies: Facebook, Myspace, You Tube, and most importantly, his own community my.barack.obama, to win the hearts, minds, and dollars — which is remember he raised 750-million dollars this way — of 13 and a half million people, by interacting with them in this new social environment.”

The new medium of reaching out to the people could initially present security problems for the President. But as leaders begin to open up the floodgates, constituents will have a favorable response to the more intimate means of communication. Libert says the economy though, will be no easy task for the president.

image of Barack , inc book cover

“I think he’s got a major ahead. The only thing he can do, is to keep doing what he’s doing — which is ‘no drama Obama’, which is to maintain his cool; two, stay connected to all of us; and three, continue to change. Because if we keep doing what we’ve done before, we won’t lose what we lost — 8-trillion dollars under Bush — we’ll lose 15-trillion, 20-trillion more.”

He says whether you like Obama from his political  position, you have to like him from his technology deployment. Libert is co-author of BARACK, INC.

Pat Hernandez, KUHF…Houston Public Radio News.