Bringing Galveston Residents Back Home

It’s been nearly six months since Hurricane Ike and many Galveston residents still have no place to call home. They are scattered throughout southern Texas and city officials want to bring them home. Bill Stamps has the story.

The city of Galveston has a pretty tough job on its hands. If you see workers looking in the apartment guide or scrolling though Craigslist…it’s because they have to find housing for more than six thousand families left homeless by Hurricane Ike. Not only that…four of their public housing sites were destroyed by the hurricane.

Housing Authority Director Harish Krishnarao says even before the storm they were questions about their resources.

image of Housing Authority Director Harish Krishnarao speaking“Do we have enough affordable housing units? Do we have enough quality affordable housing units? But frankly that discussion is closed, because right now there’s 6,400 families looking for affordable housing units.”

Galveston City councilmember Tarris Woods says the goal should be to bring everyone back home.

“It I promise that the city of Galveston will continue to bring back each member, every citizen that lives here in the city of Galveston.”

So while their help may not come from the classifieds, Galveston officials are determined to get housing for all of its storm victims.

Bill Stamps, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.