Murder Suspect Arrested

Investigators say it was a fingerprint that led them to the man they believe killed a Spring woman over the weekend. The suspect is in custody and is charged with capital murder. Bill Stamps has details.

Harris County investigators believe 27-year old Theodore Charles Schmidt bound Sabrina Pina with duct tape and then shot her in the head.

Pina was last seen alive Saturday afternoon in a Kohls parking lot. Her body was found Sunday in a ditch. Her hands were taped and her eyes were covered as well. Investigators are still working on a motive, but say Schmidt and Pina went to the same high school.

“We have established a link between the two. They went to school together at Klein High school. We found them in yearbooks, where they were both in the same yearbooks, 99- 2000 yearbook. And there’s indications that they may have known each other when she was attending college in Austin.”

Lt. Rolf Nelson is with Harris County Homicide. He says they were able to take a fingerprint from the tape and match it to Schmidt. The suspect was already in the fingerprint database because of an earlier arrest for theft.

The question everyone is asking is why? What went on between the suspect and Sabrina Pina.

“According to him, they haven’t spoken since just after high school since graduation from high school. But again we are still working to establish any links between them since then.”

So far investigators aren’t saying whether it appears Pina was raped or assaulted in any way.

Bill Stamps KUHF Houston public radio news.